Andrew Golden vs. Penn State Board of Trustees, & Other Hypocrites!

            On May 25, 2007, his 21st birthday, Andrew Golden walked away from incarceration. He had been held since he was 11 years of age. The charge: Five counts of murder; a school shooting at Westside Middle School, Jonesboro, Arkansas. He and Mitchell Johnson, 13, during a false fire alarm that emptied the school, shot and killed 4 students, one teacher, and wounded 10 others. He was just eleven years old.

            Thirteen years and about seven months later Jerry Sandusky, a football coach, was accused of sexual abuse of young boys, some as young as ten or eleven years old. This, it was said, had occurred over a period of several years.

            Some 25 years ago, I sat in the barber chair on the south side of the square in Princeton, Indiana and was given a haircut by Gene Gibbs. While this was happening Gene said, as we gazed at the courthouse across the street, that ninety percent of the supposed criminals that they took over there were guilty or they wouldn’t have them over there. I did not respond to this, but I remember very well what I thought about that. I was thinking that if they ever have me over there I hope you are not on the jury. I mean, whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?

            The last I saw in the “news” report Jerry Sandusky had pleaded “not guilty.” And now it is supposed that he and Penn State University et al are going to be facing all sorts of civil lawsuits. I wonder if any of these people that hope to get rich in one of these lawsuits has any conscience left. Can’t you just see all these attorneys licking their chops.

            I recall my first “sexual experience.” The girl that lived down the street and I had decided to do a little sexual experimentation; trouble was we did not quite know how. What we did was, we hid in the bushes in her front yard, got undressed, she laid down on her back and I got over her and we viewed each other’s genitals. We were rather bored with the whole thing so we got dressed and went on to other things. As I recall she was a year older than I and started school the next fall without me. I was four years old. I wonder where we heard about sex; this was prior to World War II.

            My sex education didn’t end there. A couple of years later, when I was six or seven, I recall arguing with older kids who tried to convince me that sexual intercourse was necessary in order to have children. It was about this time that I learned that a “bitch” was actually a female dog. Also, Jack, a neighbor kid who was a couple of years older than me, tried to get his younger sister to go to our den and have sex with us. We went down there but she backed out. It is probably a good thing because our den was a hollowed out place among the corn in a garden. Had she submitted we likely would have been viewed by Edna from her kitchen window. You mean she was actually going to have sex with her brother? News Flash! It happens all the time.

            Fast forward a couple of years or so and I was visiting on a farm in southern Illinois. My relative that owned and farmed this land also had a rental house on his property. In this house there were four or five kids, two or three older brothers (I don’t remember exactly - it has been over 65 years) a sister and a younger brother. We got to playing together and one day one of them used the “F” word. Can you believe it? That opened the door and sexual activity ensued, including oral sex (no homosexual activity that I recall). After a few days of this, the older brothers went to visit a friend for the day, leaving their sister and younger brother and me behind. We decided to play hide-and-seek, the girl and I hiding from the little brother. What we really wanted to do was lose him so we could get it done. We hid under a large tub out behind a shed and went at it. The little brother finally found us, lifted up the tub from off us, and ran to tell mother. I left.


            My adult cousin wanted to have another outing to the Wabash before I returned home. I accompanied him to the rent house where he talked to the father about accompanying us on this outing. I stood there, all innocent like, while the father made excuses why they couldn’t go. But I knew the real reason; he wanted nothing to do with me, but was not going to tell anybody what his children, including his innocent little daughter, had been up to. I subsequently returned to my home in Princeton.

            My sex education continued, but I think I actually made it to my early teens before I really “lost my virginity.” She was not a virgin. I wonder, are there any girls over 14 who are?

            I started drinking, legally, when I was just 17 years of age; I joined the Air Force. After a month of basic training they gave us a 12 hour pass. We went to Ft. Sam Houston and drank beer. After basic I went to Keesler Field, Biloxi, Mississippi for training as a control tower operator. There we had an airman’s club where we could get all the beer we wanted. There was also an AMVETS club in town which I joined and had my first (and last) Zombie.

            After finishing school I got a ten day leave and headed for Princeton, my hometown. This wasn’t legal, but with uniform on I spent one evening at the Elite tavern drinking beer. The legal age was 21, and I was just 18. Mr. Michas, the owner, didn’t seem to mind. From there I was stationed at Alexandria Air Force Base in Louisiana. The legal drinking age in that state was 18. I took advantage of it. After 16 months there I went to Korea. We had our own bar in our detachment area with all the beer and booze anybody could want. From there I went to Japan where nobody seemed to even think about how old you were. We had a great Airmen’s Club and off base the GI’s favorite drink seemed to be Asahi beer. I turned 21 while there but had been drinking legally for four years. I continued drinking until I was 32 whereupon I quit totally and haven’t had a drink since.

            You say, “You were one wild child.” Well maybe, but from viewing what was going on around me, it seemed I was just in step with most everybody else.

            In 1974 I returned to Princeton to preach a revival. I am now a preacher; can you believe it? One of the church member’s sons, a high school student, pointed me to the new school and said, “There are enough drugs in there to supply this whole town.” Those innocent little teenagers! The custodian of the school, another church member, took me for a tour of the place. I recall the area where child care was taught; he said they used real babies, all of which were, without exception, the offspring of unwed teen mothers; students in the school. Those innocent little darlings!

             Girls in bikinis now appear in public with fewer clothes on than strippers used to when they had stripped to all the law allowed. Women (and men) appear nude in movies; Playboy, and other magazines on the shelves at newsstands revel in totally nude pictures of glamorous women. Showtime and others display people engaged in extended sex acts on late night television. Sex is used to advertize nearly every product known to man. And yet we have the unmitigated gall to get all indignant over a coach having sex with one of our innocent eleven year olds. Lets face it, left to grow “normally” that eleven year old might have gotten a rifle and started shooting people.

            I wonder, with all the hypocrites in society, could there possible be any left in the churches?

            I also wonder if they (a proper authority) had caught one of these young darlings in one of these alleged sex acts whether anybody would have thought to blister his behind. Old yeah, I forgot, that’s out of date, we can’t mistreat the little darlings.

            Oh, I almost forgot, Mitchell Johnson, the other Jonesboro shooter, wasn’t sufficiently schooled in the ways of sin and crime so they sent him off to “reform school” to better educate him. There, in this “educational facility,” he met Justin Trammell, who had been incarcerated for the crossbow murder of his father. Later, Johnson was indicted for, tried, and convicted for possessing a firearm while being a drug user. He got in more trouble before sentencing but got four years when sentenced. He got in even more trouble later and got a sentence of twelve years. And then he got six more years for an additional charge of theft. Golden has not been in nearly as much trouble but he has had a brush or two with the law. It is hoped that he went to college and turned his life around. He has changed his name. Do you wonder why?

            Our society continues on a toboggan slide to hell and damnation while we act all indignant over some alleged sexual activity between a coach and some young boys. It would not surprise me to find that the accusers are every bit as guilty as the accused. But they will make a big show of it so everybody will know how lily- white they are.


            There has been a load of compromising,

            On the road to my horizon,

            But I’m gonna be where the lights

            are shining on me!


            I wonder who wrote Rhinestone Cowboy; he just seems to understand how things really work in this world. Hey you lily-white saint, don’t forget to cast the first stone!