Jesus tells us, that “God is a Spirit.” John 4:24. Deuteronomy 33:27 says He is, “The eternal God.” The Apostle Paul tells us that He is, “the invisible God.” Colossians 1:15. We know then from Scripture that God is an eternal, invisible Spirit. According to the Psalmist God’s, “understanding is infinite.” Psalm 147:5.

            Eternity and infinity have no beginning and no ending. The universe is universal; i.e. the universe is everything. One problem! There is no such thing as everything. Some have postulated more than one universe, which is ridiculous, those supposed “other universes” are simply part of the universe. How large is the universe? It simply has no limit. Travel through space; does it end? If so what ends it? A wall? How thick is the wall, what is the wall made of and what is on the other side of the wall, and isn’t that all part of the universe? Thus the universe is infinite!

            The true Christian’s reward is eternal life. He will live forever in a limitless universe which contains knowledge with no end. Thomas Edison said, “we don’t know one millionth of one percent about anything.” The more we learn, the more we find there is to know. This will continue forever, “world without end.”

            Some have postulated spending eternity setting on the banks of the river of life twinkling their toes in the water and praising God. I would think that sometime before the first trillion years ends this might become somewhat tiresome. Yes we will exist eternally with praise toward God, but I expect that the Almighty has more in store for us than that. What will heaven be like? Well it will be paradise. What is that like? Well I will relate to you what has been revealed to me. That is all I can do. Firstly, there will be no money in paradise. Down here we have a choice: serve God or mammon (money). In heaven there will be no money. Money is a way of keeping score, made necessary because unredeemed man is not trustworthy, he is dishonest. There will be no dishonest people in paradise; thus money is not necessary.

            So you see, you won’t get paid for working in heaven. You mean I’ll have to work? Yes unless you want to be an eternal toe twinkler. Don’t worry, work isn’t bad. In heaven you will work at what you are suited for, not for what pays the most; remember: no money.

            I hated to paint. I wasn’t an artist painting portraits, I was painting buildings, grain-bins, oil tanks, you name it. In my late teens I was in the Air Force and I had a penchant for getting in trouble and received more than one “Article 15;” what would have been called company punishment in the army. I recall being taken from my regular job to paint the detachment headquarters. After 8 hours of that I could go to chow and then come back for my 2 hours of extra duty. I hated painting. But for the next several years it seemed that whenever I needed a job I would end up painting. But then I ended up with a group that all got along together. We worshiped together and were friends and all shared ownership of our painting business. I found out I didn’t hate painting and ended up a painting contractor and painted for the next few decades. Work is not bad and the right job for the right person can be quite enjoyable.

            So, postulate an environment in which everyone has found their niche in life and are enthusiastically operating in that life. No time cards, no paycheck, no boss; just cooperative effort in everything everybody does.

            Sex? Well the only thing that makes sex wrong is irresponsibility. There will be no irresponsibility in heaven. I heard Billy Graham once opine that God might have something better than sex for us in heaven. Well He might, but what is wrong with sex? There will be no venereal disease to pass around and nobody is going to get pregnant. No selfishness, thus any sex will be for the mutual pleasure of both parties. No selfishness means that you don’t get her or him all to your self. In heaven it is all share and share alike. But remember; no rape, no sexual predators, no whores or whoremongers. No lady’s men or temptresses, just love and fellowship. And, oh yes, no using sex to sell stuff. Isn’t that nice; nothing is for sale in heaven.

            Well just what are we going to do with the countless ages of eternity. I like to think about discovering the countless mysteries of the universe. In my lifetime mankind has done the following: invented television, color television, satellite television, computers, the internet, automatic transmissions in automobiles, inkjet and lazar printers, dial phones, push-button telephones, cordless phones, ball point pens, cell phones etc., copiers, fax machines, trampolines, videos, DVDs, players & copiers, CDs, cassettes, microwave ovens, FM radios, metal detectors, digital clocks, battery operated watches, automatic garage door openers, and God only knows how many other things that I can’t think of and just take for granted.

            In my lifetime we have split the atom, walked on the moon, established a space station, sent a rocket ship to photograph Mars and on it goes. When I was a child space flight was science-fiction. How things change! How much farther can we go with space flight? With investigating the atom? Remember, “God’s understanding is infinite.” Thus there is no limit to how far we can go with investigating things; the more we learn, the more we find there is to learn.

            Well then, just what will paradise be like? Well I can tell you this: We will be one perfectly happy family, loving one another with no selfishness or preferences. I think just as much of sister ugly as I do of Miss America, and of Joe the plumber as I do of Prof. Einstein. We all have discovered our talents and abilities and we use these to do the things that entertain us and keep us happy. We have become a well oiled machine, so to speak, that works perfectly and keeps us all enthused with eternal life. A few billion years from now I expect I will be on planet Krypton in the third galaxy on the other side of the sun doing something that even science fiction hasn’t dreamed up yet.

             You don’t think you will enjoy that? Well then, Milton has just the thing for you: it is called Paradise Lost. But as for me, I like air conditioning. If you prefer the middle of the Sahara where it is 130 degrees by ten o’clock in the morning, go for it. But for me, I like singing:

            I sing because I’m happy.

            I sing because I’m free.

            For His eye is on the sparrow,

            And I know He watches me.

Isn’t God good!