The emperor Nero, it is said, “Fiddled while Rome burned.” Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews and conquer the world.. Then, of course, there was Lenin and Stalin, the monster Mao Tse-Tung and God only knows how many more. On a lesser note, I recall people swooning at the singing of Sinatra. Then came the madness that followed Elvis. I thought perhaps we were going to be invaded by insects as the headline in the Miami Herald said, “The Beatles are coming.” What was it one of them said, “We are more popular than Jesus.” Now I have just read in the book, THE AMATEUR,

Barack Obama In The White House, the following:


The absurd, not to say blasphemous comparison of Obama to the Almighty became so embarrassing that Vice President Joe Biden couldn’t resist the opportunity to tease the president about his messiah complex. Speaking at the 2009 white-tie Gridiron Club Dinner, Biden said. [President Obama] can’t be here tonight because he’s busy getting ready for Easter. He thinks it’s about him.”

            It seems the world is still looking for a messiah; they want someone visible to worship and place their hopes in. The allies were bearing down on Berlin. Hitler was in his underground bunker and some of his followers yet expected him to pull off a miracle. Instead he and his woman poisoned their children and then committed suicide. Hitler had his body annihilated by fire; he didn’t want his enemies to find any trace of him.

            We never learn. My uncle Charlie told me that Thomas Jefferson said, “The world belongs to the coming generation.” I suppose he really said that as Uncle Charlie was well read. Trouble is, “ The only thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn anything from history.” How do the Neros and Hitlers come to power. Isn’t it this endless hope for a savior, a messiah? Somewhere along the line we had to realize that Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. were not the answer. Oh yes, but Obama is; and if not Obama then whoever is the next great hope.

            We never learn!

            Is that ignorance, stupidity, insanity or Humanity? Isn’t it all of these. Humans must hope, it seems, for an easy way out, the way of the cross that Jesus, the one true messiah, proclaimed is just too harsh. What was it that Jack Nicholson said; “You can’t handle the truth.” Seems it is so.