If you are a Bible believer you undoubtedly are saying “no,” aware that the Bible tells us that He is the “God that cannot lie.” Furthermore the Bible tells us that God is a spirit and that this “Spirit is truth.” It may surprise you then when I tell you that the great majority of Christendom believes that God is a monumental liar.

            In reading a daily devotional writing recently I found this from the unknown writer:


Perfection is a standard that none of us could ever hope to attain. Yet we learn from Hebrews that Jesus, through His one supreme sacrifice for our sins, “has perfected forever those who are being sanctified: (10:14).

(By the way the KJV in Hebrews 10:14 says, “them that are sanctified” and the literal Greek says, “the sanctified.” not those who are being sanctified. Thus it seems that we are to believe that not only can we not be perfect we can’t even be sanctified but are just in an endless process of sanctification.) Further on in this writing I found, “the one-time sacrifice of Christ on the cross–the sinless One dying for the sinful–perfected us forever in the eyes of God.” Then he quotes a rhyme from someone named Lee which says, “We’re far from perfection, yet perfect forever, For Christ is our righteousness, Lord, and our Savior.”

            In any other forum, that I am presently aware of, other than theology, such talk would be cast aside as double-talk. But it seems that theologians, especially those on the Calvinist side of the fence, can get away with about anything, no matter how nonsensical.

            Here I could go into an exposition on how we can be sanctified wholly in this life and be perfect men (or women) but to what avail; those who agree with me would agree with me still and those who disagree would continue to do so.

            But the simple fact is that if God says we are perfect then we are perfect and if He were to say that we are perfect when we in fact are not, then God would be a liar. It never ceases to amaze me (or more properly I should say anger and frustrate me) how these theologians claim to literally believe the Bible when what they really believe is their theology even as they twist the Scriptures to conform to what they want to believe. What do they want to believe? They want a religion that fits their conduct. And what is their conduct? Well they tell us that we sin every day in thought, word, and deed. My experience with them is that they practice what they preach.

             So we are to believe that it is impossible to be perfect even though Jesus told His hearers, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” Why, oh why, would Jesus, the son of God, instruct us to be something that He knew was impossible?

My God is not a liar. Is yours?