Foundation? Is yours sound? Is America’s sound? Indeed, is there a firm foundation under our world? My house seems to float; it must not have a firm foundation. I was going to have it fixed but it cost $10,000.00. I wonder if that is the reason other foundations don’t get fixed; the price is too high? Jesus, according to the Bible, gave us some sayings; the Golden Rule and others, and said if we would keep His sayings we would have a sure foundation and be able to stand when the storms hit. Matt. 7:24-27.

            In the American monetary system a dollar was once defined as an ounce of silver or 1/20th of an ounce of gold. Now it is a piece of paper that says, “one dollar.” At one time a dollar was considered a days wages. What were the old sentences handed down by judges? Thirty dollars or thirty days. Now if you make $1 a day you are an absolute pauper. I am told that the value of our dollar depends on our confidence in it. I guess that means that if we lose confidence in it then it will have no value. Does that mean that our monetary system is not built on a firm foundation?

            Some time back Joseph Lieberman, that democratic senator who is now an independent senator, said that our 2nd president, John Adams, averred that our constitution (The US Constitution) was made for a religious and moral people and it is totally inadequate for any other. Don’t forget that our founding fathers, when they spoke of religion were talking of Christianity. But now we go into other countries and try to establish democracies similar to ours when the people of those countries are anything but Christian, and are in fact heathen. If that sounds harsh, I am sorry but from a Christian point of view, anything that is not Christian, is heathen.

            Susannah Wesley, John’s mother, had rules for raising children. One of these rules insisted on conquering the child’s will. If this is not done, salvation is impossible. I guess Dr. Spock had other ideas. How has that worked out?

            For anything to be sound and stand in adverse conditions it must have a firm foundation. That applies to a building, a life, a government, a society, and whatever. It should not take a Philadelphia lawyer to figure out that our monetary system isn’t sound, nor our nation, our society, and indeed, our world. It seems that there are few sound individuals around also. What makes a sound human being? I could say that the only thing that can make an individual sound is faith in Christ, but what does that mean? It means one thing to a Catholic, something else to a Baptist, and something else to others.

            How many simply believe that to be a Christian means that my hopes, my dreams, my treasures are laid up in eternity; that I don’t live for this life? How many believe that one must be a lover of truth? How many believe that one must deny self, be crucified with Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to lead, teach, and govern our every action? How many practice the Golden Rule 24/7? You see that is what being a disciple of Jesus is.

            But what is Christ? He said he was the way, the truth, and the life. But what is the way? What is the truth? What is the life? The Way? I have already told you what that is. Trouble is, there is a price of admission: Self! The price is too high? The Truth? It is all too often an inconvenience! The Life? But you don’t want “pie in the sky, by and by.” What is life then; money; wine, women, and song; power and prestige; fame? One thing is sure; whatever it is it comes with too high a price; and what is that price? An insecure foundation!

            Lives, families, societies, nations, indeed, our world is falling apart. What is to be done about it? Many leaders here in America tell us about the greatness of Americans and how we will solve our problems. But I never hear them address the real problems as I have outlined above. Why? They cannot face the problem because they would have to pay a price they are not willing to pay. That old inconvenient thing called truth!

            Is Christianity the answer? Trouble is: what is Christianity? Viewing what goes on around me I would guess it is going to worship services, taking communion, paying tithes? Surely not that. Well you are right; God is not satisfied with 10%, He insists on controlling it all; that’s right: one-hundred percent. But you knew that didn’t you? Another inconvenient truth!

Maybe Christianity is living by the rules, contributing to missions and that sort of thing. Sorry it won’t work.

            Do we really believe that an Almighty, all knowing God could really care if we drink a little wine and eat a small wafer? Could He possibly be impressed with our being “baptized” with water? What foolishness! What utter foolishness! But you say Christ instructed us to take communion. No, He didn’t, and He never baptized anyone with anything other than the Holy Ghost. I am told that many Jews, in the years before Christ on earth, developed the habit of taking the bread and the wine as a remembrance of the Passover. When they started to observe this at the “Last Supper” Jesus said, “as oft as you do this, do it in remembrance of me.” That shouldn’t be too hard to understand! Christ is our Passover! But He never told us to do it, or even how often.

C hristianity cannot be the firm foundation of the USA! Why? Because the USA doesn’t know what Christianity is. Is it sacraments? Believing in ghosts and goblins? Keeping certain rules and regulations? What is Christianity? America doesn’t know and the sad part is: The churches aren’t telling us. Why? Because the churches do not have a firm foundation; the churches just don’t have a clue what the score is. But yet the truth remains: “For other foundation can no man lay, than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” 1Corinthians 3:11. KJV